Call: +91 9958160213 disseminates information about, and related to petroleum matters. This site is being maintained by Mr. M. Naseem who is a commercial law expert with 25 years practical experience in petroleum sector.

Mr M.Naseem is Legal Counsel of ONGC ; on International panel of Authors for Kluwer Law International, Netherlands, Contributing Author of Oil,Gas and Energy Law portal (

Mr. M. Naseem has been part of the Negotiation and Drafting Committees and negotiated contracts with  top players of petroleum sector  like Exxon Mobil, Shell, British Petroleum, CNPC, Talisman to name a few. He has written a number of books on energy law ( and articles on topics of interest. He is an accomplished international trainer on Negotiation and Drafting of Commercial Contracts for Oil and Gas professionals. He has travelled extensively throughout the world in relation to negotiations, conducting training courses and is frequently invited to international seminars.

This site is dedicated to spread the knowledge of International Commercial law with specific reference to petroleum related matters. In the process various draft contracts and articles have been kept on the site and you will have access to the same so as to give examples and appreciate the process of contracting. In petroleum sector non-operators have peculiar problems, as generally drafts are prepared protecting the interest of Operators or consortium leaders. Therefore this site will make an effort to look things from the point of view of non-operators and try to guide them so that they would be able to protect their interest by negotiating good contracts which are not heavily weighed in favour of Operators. The process of contracting also requires a clear vision as to matters affecting the contracting mechanism like choice of contractual structure, key aspects related to important clauses of the contract. Understanding of joint venture structure is another important area having a bearing on contractual structure.